Love-starved Lohan kisses three guys in 24 hours

e run, Lindsay Lohan was reported by the Daily Mail to have participated in passionate kisses with three different Italian romeos before inviting one to her hotel room during a 24-hour period while attending the Capri Film Festival.

Perhaps taking a cue from pizza-boy stricken Paris Hilton, Lohan warmed up with waiter Allesandro Di Nunzio. The Daily Mail reported the pair hooked up when Lohan attended a film premier with new friend Hayden Panettiere.

LiLo quickly ditched the "Heroes" star to have a meal and a make-out session with her temporary Italian boy toy.

Allessandro was left on the outside looking in the next day when Lohan locked lips with Eduardo Costa. The newspaper reported Lohan laughed at old Eduardo's jokes while continuing to sample Capri's offerings.

Last, but not least, was actor Dario Faiella. Faiella is the son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri and the only to be invited to Lohan's hotel room. A morning-after photograph on LiLo's hotel balcony reveals evidence of the pair's passionate night, with Lindsay laying her hand on Dario's bare butt.

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