Furry critters abound in Super Bowl Ads

Limited Brands provided this screenshot from a Victoria's Secret ...

NEW YORK - It was an epic battle of the creatures in the Super Bowl ads, ranging from the cute to the menacing to the inexplicably rhythmic. A band of lizard-like reptiles cutting the rug to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? Hey, it's the Super Bowl.

Much is riding on the ads, which are the most closely scrutinized of the whole year, as well as the most watched and the most expensive. This year's 30-second spots on News Corp.'s Fox network broadcast were fetching as much as $2.7 million. The price edges higher nearly every year.

Last year the game drew 93 million viewers, a level that many believe could be surpassed this year given the strong matchup between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, as well as the Patriots' chance to go for a record unbeaten season.

Using critters is hardly a new trick in the ads for the big game, but this year saw some novel and clever uses of animals durinmg Sunday night's broadcast.

FedEx Corp.'s ad took a decidedly Hitchcockian turn when a corporate underling entrusts shipping operations to a huge squadron of carrier pigeons — eerily reminiscent of "The Birds."(source:news.yahoo)

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