Miss Universe 2008: Croatia - Snjezana Loncarevic

PHOTO: Miss Universe Croatia - Snjezana Loncarevic

The winner of this year’s Miss Universe Croatia competition, held in the Kvarner Hotel in Opatija, is Snjezana Loncarevic. Snjezana was born in Slavonski Brod, but has been living in Zagreb for quite a while. The other girls are also happy that Snjezana won, because according to them, she deserves it.

The winner studies at the faculty for hotel and tourism management in Opatija, and it is her wish to become a manager. Along with the title, she also won a Mitsubishi Colt Cabrio.

The girls arrived in Opatija three days ago. Every day they have been participating in exhausting preparations, which could be seen in the final night. The only thing that the girls did not rehearse so well was their statements, but at least they entertained the public with their humorous answers.

When she was asked where she would travel to if she could go anywhere, Snjezana gripped the microphone tight and raised her voice, and said that she would like to go to Vietnam, to the final night of the Miss Universe contest, and show that she acts like a modern lady.

Miss Universe Croatia 2007, Jelena Maros, handed her crown over to Snjezana Loncarevic. In the case that she is unable to attend the final contest in Vietnam, she will be replaced by the Dalmatian Ana Kurobasa, who arrived from far-away Sweden for this contest. The second runner up was Katica Rakuljic.

- I am happy, and I believe that this title will fully change my life – said the new Miss Universe Croatia Snjezana Loncarevic for Javno. She added that this is the doorway to a big career.

The title of “Miss Style”, chosen by the editor of the newspaper “Vecernji List” Bojana Radovic, went to Snjezana Loncarevic, whilst the title Miss Photogenic, which is decided by journalists and photographers went to Kristina Dzigurski. The hearts of the finalists themselves was captured by Kristina Baro – Miss Congeniality.

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