Racism leaves a shadow behind at London Fashion Week

79781819.jpgLondon Fashion Week may now be over but the fall-out over its obvious lack of black models has only just begun. While a model of colour could scarcely be seen at New York, the situation in London appears to have only strengthened the argument that the fashion industry doesn't truthfully reflect these cities and the people who represent them. This has led outspoken designer Katharine Hamnett to blast the industry in the

"The catwalks are full of white dogs. Cosmetic companies don't like black models - the racist bitches. I have no idea why when it's obvious that black girls are just so genuinely much more beautiful than Caucasians, who have clearly got the short straw. Black girls have much better body shapes and it's such a shame. I just think there should be a bit more of a balance."

Blimey! Ever heard of constructive criticism Ms Hamnett? I'm pretty certain these comments constitute as bigotry in their own right.


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