Topless Fashion Model Does Selfridge’s Glamour

selfridges-topless.jpgUNFAIR indeed that while glamour models get to be glamorous and offer opinion – today the Sun’s Ruth says “I wish Gazza all the best” – fashion models must remain mute and vapid.

Which means we don’t get to hear the thoughts of the model posing topless in the window of London’s Selfridge’s department store. The Star and the Sport don’t even know her name.

The Anorak wonders if this can be put down to class? While the below stairs glamour models are obliged to be gobby, feisty and opinionated while dressed as nurses, waitresses and maids (cleaners), the more demure catwalk models are required to remain refined and aloof, the embodiment of the “polite conversation”.

The fashion model might be topless but we should remain middle class and not mention it, opting instead to look at her shoes and talk about this year’s black…

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