Top 3 Most Beautiful Women: All from Ethiopia?

Who are they and how are they assessed?
Of course there is no one standard to judge a woman’s beauty but, unless we want to neglect reality, we are often forced to settle for some norms given by modern society and usually find ourselves assessing beauty using those most acknowledged standards. Many people prefer the fair-skinned with smooth hair women while some add supermodel qualities and others have recently preferred the curvy and fuller women.
In general, there are three types of beautiful women corresponding to three grouping of our society that prefers them: (1) the thin and stunning supermodel, (2) the slender and gorgeous model whilst the girl-next-door type and (3) the hip-hop, with thick curves and thin limbs, baby face model.

The first category, supermodel type, of the most beautiful women grouping would probably prompt us to think about the likes of Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and other famous elite models. Their beauty and talent is often rewarded by big contracts with top fashion designers and labels. The second category of the slender beauty is also decorated with contracts at times, but these are the ones ordinary men see as the girl-next-day cutie. Except, to be labeled as the top beauty in this second category, the woman must be extremely cute, natural, slim and gorgeous. Then lastly, the third category brings the extremely attractive, baby face, curvaceous and sexy woman minus the trunk legs often associated with curvy women. In these days, women in this category would often associate with hip hop models. But to be the best in the world for this category, the woman has to be in the top of this industry featuring in some top urban and other magazines, or often the subject of the “hottest woman” comparison in social networking websites. Yes, even before you finished reading the last sentence, you must be thinking about LOLA LUV!
Ethiopian born hip hop model Angel Melaku aka. Lola Luv
Born in East African nation of Ethiopia, Lola Luv, or Angel (Melaku) Fershgenet, has been the most talked about hip hop model in the world recently. Angel has been labeled the new “It” girl of 2007 by magazines, artists and celebrities. She has been featured in almost every urban magazine, been on the cover of top ones including “Black Men” magazine, appeared on BET’s fashion show “Rip the Runway” and on numerous music videos by Kanye West, 50 Cent, Twista, Busta Rhymes etc. Maybe as an African, my assessment might appear bias but it is almost unanimous that the Barbie doll face, curvy and extremely beautiful Lola Luv takes the cake! Though it shouldn’t surprise people, since many East African women have more beautiful skin –often balanced between the darker South & West African AND the white-skinned Caucasian.
Ethiopian super model Gelila Bekele. She is rumored to be dating Tyler Perry. (video)
Similarly, if we eliminate the likes of Tyra Banks from the first beauty category, we are only left with the obvious and famous Supermodel Liya Kebede who has appeared on many covers like of Vogue Magazine, TV shows like Oprah and became the face of Estee Lauder while the extremely cute Gelila Bekele from Ford Models and the African Magazine cover-girl takes the award in the second beauty category. Both these beauties, born and raised in Ethiopia, have already featured in big endorsements & campaigns and signed heavy contracts, especially Liya Kebede, who was named one of the richest models in the world and appeared on CNN International programs, TIME’s Style & Design Escada, Victoria’s Secret, Flair etc. So can we say these Ethiopian women are the three most beautiful women in the world? Especially, taken by the three beauty categories and taste mentioned above, the three Ethiopians are probably the three most beautiful women on earth!

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