Will pixie haircuts be a new trend for the summer?

This month's Harper's Bazaar Magazine speculated that the pixie haircut may be a trend to emerge this summer. But how likely is it to happen? Michelle Williams recently cut her locks into this pixie do, as seen at the Indie Awards.

heath_ledger.jpg michelle20isa20120feb08.jpg

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger at the Indie Awards

However, she has added hair extensions during the shoot of the film Incendiary in London but I think she really did pull off the pixie-cut look. The baton, for now will have to be passed to next-top-models, Agynes Deyn and Cecilia Mendez, two much-in-demand models who have a fan base. (Harper's Bazaar mentioned Agynes Deyn as a model creating buzz for this look) Actors and Performers lead trends more so than models now, compared to the the Supermodel era of the 1980's and 1990's and the person who popularized belly baring tops may get in on this possible trend also.


Michelle Williams in London

639.jpg 638.jpg

Agynes_Deyn_picture.serendipityThumb.jpg stellamccartneyfw07stylzc2.jpg


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