Elle Macpherson has sixth sense for bra sizes

Elle Macpherson claims she can tell a woman's bra size just by looking at her.

The supermodel Fashion Model - who has her own Sexy lingerie range Elle Macpherson Intimates - insists she has become an expert in guessing the bust measurements of ladies.

She said: "I can instantly tell a woman's bra size just by looking at her."

Elle, 45, says she regards herself as an entrepreneur.

The Australian beauty - who has two sons Flynn and Cy with ex-boyfriend Arpad Busson - has enjoyed huge success as a fashion designer and says it's all because she licensed her £35 million lingerie empire.

She said: "I was the first person to pioneer the idea of licensing. It was a very entrepreneurial idea and from day one I was the name, face and creative design force."

Elle was asked to be the face of underwear firm Bendon but says she wasn't prepared to let others make money from her.

She added to Shape magazine: "I told them, 'I don't think you could afford me. However, I will help you create a product I can sell and take the revenue from the sales."


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