ERES Swimwear: Delicate and Feminine

Swimwear is an essential part of women’s wardrobes, especially in the spring, a season full of warm-weather getaways. A company that began in 1968 in

Paris called ERES understands this.

ERES began with Irene Lorboux’s vision of swimwear that was new, feminine, and clean. Th

e swimwear, and now Sexy lingerie, is a perfect balance

between femininity and versatility. Every piece is created with women’s body architecture in mind so the pieces are delicate yet have a cool and sophisticated presence. The pieces’ structures also allow them to compliment many different figures
, which is perhaps one of the reasons why Sexy women Lingerie all over the world are in love with ERES.

ERES came to the United States in 2000, bringing its style to women via boutiques in New York, Palm Beach, and Los Angeles. Bergdorf Goodman and Barn

When asked if one particular city had the best success in sales, Celine Kaplan, the public relations representative for ERES, said, “No, none. All of them are wonderful and do well.”

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the company and its pieces is their advertising, or lack thereof. When ERES began in the world of fashion with swimwear and then moved on to incorporate lingerie, no advertising was used at first. It was simply word of mouth that passed the reputation of perfection. Now, in an era of technology and advertising on steroids, the company only advertises, “occasionally in magazines,” said Kaplan.

ERES Swimwear from the 2008 Collection

ERES 2008 summer line includes more than just hot Models swimwear, but cardigans, shorts, and dresses, too. The line is based on 60s couture, reflecting eyelets and lacing. It features warm tones that are beautiful for the bathing suits such as dark brown, camel, grey, and green. The white bikini (shown) has little cutouts for design along the top and hips and is consequently sensible yet sexy Linegrie.

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