No worry girls, FHM study proves guys love fat chicks

Three women, sizes 8, 12 and 14: in an online survey, men favoured a fuller figure.

FELLAS, read no further. In the area of new information, this story is slim.

There has been a survey and it tells you what you already know: when it comes to women, the vast majority of blokes prefer them well rounded.

It seems their ideal girlfriends are pneumatic, not flat-tyred. They'd rather negotiate sweeping curves than sharp shoulders.

They like women buxom, bosomy and bountiful.

According to the figures, the jury is in: men will choose a Rubenesque size 14 over a stick-figure size 8 when it comes to their ideal woman.

Admittedly, the science could be seen as somewhat superficial.

It is based on an online survey — not the most accurate means of obtaining information — of 60,000 men conducted by laddish men's magazine FHM. The relevant issue is published tomorrow. The mag found that when shown pictures of three bikini-clad models, four out of five men said they were more attracted to the size 12 and size 14 models than the model who was a slimmer size 8.

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