Ship shape: Liz Hurley is back in her bikini

Bikini, £35, cuffs as before, from

The sexiest part of a woman’s body, according to the actress, Fashion model, mogulette and all-round 100% British sexport Elizabeth Hurley, is . . . “her back”, she says, her voice one long, cool drink of cream. “I just love it. If I’m at a party and I see an amazing backless dress, it’s beautiful. Most women have pretty good backs, I think. It’s a good way to be sexy: a dress with no back.”

After all, when it comes to sexy, there’s nobody who knows it better than Liz. The woman who has built a career out of sensuous outfits – the plunging Versace sa

fety-pin dress, the knicker-revealing scarlet show-stopper she wore to a country wedding, the 6in fetish footwear for the cover of Pop magazine – is, to this day, polished, pert, voluptuous and, almost certainly, over and above that stupendously banging body, very naughty. (“Bed?” she hoots at one point, leaning back with a smile. “I don’t wear anything!”) Even this morning, straight off the redeye from New York and still wearing yesterday’s make-up (“Estée Lauder party, I’m afraid to say”), she manages to look like a hot head girl in a b

omber jacket, a stripy top, sky-high Dolce & Gabbana snakeskin sandals and tight jeans that more than once fetchingly reveal a flash of lacy turquoise thong.

Black bikini, £20, cuffs as before, from Mango

Kaftan, £70, bikini, £ 35 and bag, £22 from Mango

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