Mass Appeal: A 'Model' Student

In today’s society, it seems like the norm is fast becoming, “make money first, and go to school second,” and who can blame people for having that way of thinking? If you look at some of the most richest and most powerful people in the world, the majority of them took a college sabbatical and never thought twice about their actions.

Taking that roll of the dice will either pay off with you attaining your goals, or put you in a deeper hole—there’s no middle ground. But in this fast-paced world filled with individuals who’s only purpose in life is to attain the automatic fortune that they’ve read or heard about so often; you can still count on some people pulling all-night’ers in the library, and registering for classes in the fall—and one of them is resident Ohio beauty, CiCi Santarelli.

If you’re wondering why her last name sounds like it’s from Italian origin, it’s because she’s the product of an Italian mother and an African-American father. This “model student” (literally) already possesses her Cosmetology License, and attends Kent State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising.

Featured in countless campaigns, one would think that it would be virtually impossible to for her to grace photo lenses with her 5’6” 125lb frame, and measurements that equal out to be 36-26-37. But the 19-year-old still manages to pile up portfolios, and bat those patented brown eyes in study halls all around campus. it comes to someone

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